Eddie Craig

Tao of Law Project

Currently under construction, Tao of Law aspires to be the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge, web-based patriot community and patriot educational, unifying, organizational and mobilizing tool in existence.

Why “Tao” of Law? “Tao” is a Chinese word loosely meaning “way” or “path.” Most accurately, Tao is not a name for a thing; rather, it is the underlying natural order and principles of the universe. Thus, Tao of Law’s goal is to teach not only true law, but also the underlying and guiding principles of law that the modern court system, judges, police officers, politicians, legislators – and even We the People – seem to have long forgotten.

Tao of Law is being built in two phases. All of the features, functions and tools that will be available when Tao of Law is initially launched are outlined below in Phase-I. Even more (and more revolutionary) features, functions and tools are planned for addition under Phase-II (see below), based on popularity, usage and financial support of the Phase-I features, functions and tools.

Meanwhile, some free resources are currently available here: Eddie Craig’s Traffic Stop Practice Script , which will help you establish and maintain your rights during traffic stops and other encounters with police, and his Cross-Examination Practice Script , which will guide you through cross-examination in court. You can also grab a copy of Eddie’s materials discussed on the April 4, 2013 Alex Jones Nightly News (382KB zip file). If you have received a red-light camera ticket, have a look at the new Texas Specific Red Light Camera Special Appearance Letter template.


00A EC – INST – Traffic Stop Practice Script v04.03.2013-001(Justified).pdf

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24 thoughts on “About

  1. Eddie, please fill out this page with all you contact info, radio show, etc… So people can contact you. I have you all over my last youtube video for this page now that I have a place to drive these people…

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  2. I think Eddie is just a bunch of bullshit and that is why no one can contact him directly. He tells people stuff and then when they use it they still get in trouble. I almost got into trouble with a VA Police officer over no driver’s license(never had one been using an automobile since I was 10) and he said he was going to just ask me to get a license and he wasn’t going to do anything this time because he thought I was following some bad advice someone had given me. So if Eddie does have a phone number I would really love to talk to him personally.


    • “I think Eddie is just a bunch of bullshit and that is why no one can contact him directly.” And you are basing this on what facts and evidence exactly? Since when is email not a direct contact in the same context that a phone call would be? It is my understanding that his phone rings enough already, so WHY would he give his number out to the general public just so some annoying assholes who don’t want help, but rather to threaten or complain or just harass, can call it all hours of the day or night? It is my understanding that he provides it to those with whom he is working on their cases, but why would he just throw it out there?

      You DO have enough intelligence to understand that cell phones work on by-the-minute usage plans, right? You DO know that those cost money, right? You DO know that phone companies LOVE it when you go over those minutes and they can charge you exorbitant rates, right? You aren’t going to be the one paying for those minutes, HE is, right? He has a call-in radio show every Monday night where he takes LIVE callers on-air, right? Have you ever called into the show and asked him anything? If so, did you DO anything with the information that he provided? Is there some reason that you think that isn’t direct contact in the same vein as you having his cell phone?

      As far as your comment “he tells people stuff,” I would have to ask, and? One thing I know for sure about what he tells EVERYONE, and that is that WHATEVER he tells people, he ALSO tells people that they MUST learn and understand the actual laws of the STATE they are in AND the statutes built upon those laws. He also tells them to compare ANYTHING he has told them to what is actually contained therein. He has NEVER claimed nor said that he was an expert in the laws and statutes of EVERY single STATE, just particular subjects specific to Texas, and some things specifically in a few others. So just what is it that you are claiming he told you that was “wrong?” And WHAT did you do to actually learn ANYTHING at all about the laws and statutes in your STATE? Perhaps you spent an hour or two trying to find stuff and whatever you did find completely by accident you didn’t understand? Which would make him the one that is wrong how?

      Furthermore, there is a disparity in your diatribe here. You claim that you “(never had one [license] been using an automobile since I was 10).” So, how old are you now, 16? Because about six or seven years is only how long he has been doing his show on-air. What year did you first hear him? If it was when you were 10, was he what made you decide to never get a license, or did you decide that before you ever even heard of him?

      Regardless, you most likely never bothered to learn and understand the things that you have to know in order to be successful in such things, did you? Therefore, it would seem that you might be more likely to have to call “bullshit” on yourself rather than anything he might have told you, because he would have told you to do your research and to be prepared. Don’t blame others for your own lack of follow-through.

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  3. Hi Eddie! For novice in law and legal process where can one learn the basics about how the system works and then furthermore the specific regulations for state which one lives in. For example, How do I go about cross checking to learn the rules to see if the things you talk about apply in my state (new Jersey) for example the transportation code codes you site on your show. Thank you for you rtime and great information!

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  4. Eddie; my son lives in the communist country of new jersey, and they are trying him on a bogus charge of “interfering with a police investigation” for claiming his right to remain silent. They want to send him to prison for 18 months. So far, the judge has postponed the “trial” twice because the cop failed to show; even though my son objected. I’ve only recently become aware of your website, but the info I have gathered so far (from Karl Lentz, Carl Miller, & most recently you) tells me that this whole dog/pony show is unconstitutional, and unlawful.
    Is there anything you can tell me to help him out? He has 9 kids (15-10 months old). Please, if you can help me.
    Thanks for what you guys are doing to awaken the people.


    • The state, despite its best efforts to do so, CANNOT lawfully convert the free exercise and enjoyment of a inherent protected right into a crime.

      Now, if you are telling me ALL of the facts as to what he did, then he, or you, should file a federal petition for habeas corpus and injunctive relief and get the charges dismissed at the federal level.

      Make sure that your facts are perfectly straight when you do that though, because it certainly won’t go well if they are even remotely untrue as to what happened.


  5. Update; he has been convicted, and is now a felon, although not sentenced to incarceration.
    How would he go about filing his federal petition? He has contacted the FBI about this, but has no idea if any investigation has been initiated.
    Thank you very much for your response, your help is greatly appreciated.


    • George, First off, I’m not an attorney, but your son definitely needs one. The FBI is NOT going to help you against the state, an attorney will have to file the appropriate motions, etc to move the case to appeal, assuming that is still an option, because I think there is a time limit.
      There is an old saying that I picked up from years on law enforcement, and Eddie may disagree with me, I don’t know, but it goes something like this… “He who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”


      • In many cases in the past, that would certainly have been true. But today, the attorney doesn’t actually know the law at all more often than not, and does not act in the best interest of the client even when s/he does. That still does not mean that everyone should try to fight without an attorney when they really have no knowledge or skills themselves, but those who do are MUCH better off than they otherwise would be using an attorney anymore.


  6. Is Eddie saying we can drive drunk and all we have to do if we get pulled over is not roll down our window (or roll it down 2 inches as he says) and read his script to the cop? Awesome! And the cops will just walk away? Or if the Do arrest us we’ll make thousands suing? Thanks Eddie Craig! I can’t wait to try this out!! Let hope someone following this advice runs over someone in Eddie’s family!


    • So, a demand by the people that law enforcement officers and the courts actually FOLLOW the law instead of making up their own is grounds for you to wish personal bodily injury or death upon another or their family? Which would most likely make you the individual that sent the email in the first place, correct?

      You make it sound as if you believe that the very fact that law enforcement even exists has actually prevented EVERY DUI incident and death since the time the concept of “police” began. Is that what you are saying? Even in cases where law enforcement HAS arrested an individual for DUI before they injured someone, it is still only a POSSIBILITY at that point that they might have caused an injury to anyone at all, regardless of the interception performed by law enforcement. Or are you claiming that your magical criminal street-gang suit and nichol-plated butt-plug allow you to foresee the future and all its related possible variations to know what WOULD have happened otherwise?

      You claim that it is law enforcement’s efforts to misapply the law that has prevented every DUI related death or injury, and yet, you don’t see your desire for wishing bodily injury or death upon others who disagree with you as being rather ironic, or even as a problem, considering that it is coming from someone who allegedly took an oath to “protect and serve.” I guess you added some little extra part under your breath that goes something like “… as long as I want to, as long as you properly worship and obey my every whim and command, and you never disagree with me when I tell you what I think the law is or if I violate your rights out of malice or ignorance,” right? How else do you explain your comment wishing harm upon others?

      In fact, you are SO blind to the irony of your stated belief that, “As a law enforcement officer, I’m responsible for keeping all of you safe from every imaginary harm, which only I and the courts can understand, but what I *really* think is that someone SHOULD hurt you or that I could do it myself so as to justify my existence and abuses of authority.” Does that about sum up why you would publicly wish harm upon those you swore an oath to serve and protect? Yeah, THAT gives me even MORE confidence in knowing that the true criminals that actually want to harm you are behind the badge and not in front of it.

      The only thing I can say to you is this; you think it amusing to mock someone and their family, and wish them harm, just because they disagree with you about what you do and how you do it. Which they do because they believe this type of thing is something that THEY didn’t and couldn’t authorize YOU, the courts, OR the legislature, as their public servants, to do to their fellow man or to themselves? Do you at least have the excuse of a mental illness that you suffer from, like schizophrenia, or an elitist god-complex? Or is it that you are just another authoritarian statist asshole that thinks nothing is right with the world if you haven’t had the opportunity to tazer, maim, or kill someone today, and then get away with it because of your “blue privilege” and magic suit?

      Your diatribe serves to prove that law enforcement personnel ARE a MUCH greater threat to public safety than those DUIs you hope to use to fear monger support for your position through your ignorant comments.


  7. Hi Eddie, I was listening to your program today that you recorded for Infowars a couple of years ago and you brought up the issue of raw milk. I am a raw milk dairy farmer in Alberta, Canada and my farm was recently raided by various government agencies. I have been charged with 3 counts under the Dairy Industry Act and my first court appearance is a week today. I’ve been looking for legal help from those that practice regulatory law but have thus far been unimpressed. I’m wondering if you would be able to recommend to me a podcast or article or archived show that you may have produced to show how farmers can defend themselves. Are you open to discussing my situation with me sometime?


  8. After 9/11 I was caught up in the prevision od the patriot act, the required 3 forms of ID. Both my parents are from N Caroline, my father was stationed of seas in Germany. My drivers permission license had expired, so I walked in nonchalantly expecting to be in and out. Not being aware of the new change, I had to go get my B certificate, well it a German BC. Unsure of what to do several months had passed. I got pulled over and there I was. Not working at the time so it went to a warrant. Tack on a few more and here l am. Still unable to drive (legally) and broke.

    Yeah, I know, but then I learn about the states mendacity.

    So, now I know why the state steals our Manufacture Statement of Origin. Bandits with their surreptitiously writen contracts.


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